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Post a Message

Do you occasionally leave a sticky note for your family on the refrigerator door in the kitchen, or for your co-workers on their desks? Post a Message is the app for that. You can leave a voice recording for your family, friends, co-workers, anyone on your Contacts list, at a place of your choice. And you do not have to be physically at that place to post a message, an internet connection is all that is needed. You do not write the note down or type, just dictate, and the app will deliver your voice message, when the recipient's phone approaches the selected place.

How does it Work?

You need iBeacons, one for each place where you and your contacts will post messages to one another. An iBeacon is a miniature battery powered radio transmitter. This technology was developed by Apple for indoor location applications. Typical examples of iBeacon apps deliver department store promotions, guided tours in a museum or directions at an airport terminal. Post a Message brings this technology to your home or office. What is a “place” that your iBeacon will mark? It can be the kitchen counter, a friend’s car or the door of your boss’s office, you decide. See further down about setting up places.

To post a message for someone go to the Post a message screen, select the recipient and place, record the voice message and press Post. When the recipient’s device approaches the selected place, it will chime and the app will play back your recording. Then the message is marked picked up on your device.

Where do I get iBeacons?

Post a Message is designed to work with two iBeacon models, pick whichever you like in any combination.

Wellcore Beacon


This beacon can be found on Amazon.com, Alexnld.com, Banggood.com or AliExpress.com. To turn this beacon on, remove the back cover. There is a switch on the side of the module inside.

ByteReal Beacon


This beacon is available on Amazon.com, Alexnld.com, AliExpress.com, or Banggood.com. It comes powered on. To turn it off (to preserve battery in storage) remove the back cover, there is a switch on the side of the module inside.

Creating Places

When your iBeacons arrive, turn them on one at a time, use the My places screen of the app to assign them to a place and give it a name, such as “Kitchen” or “Front door”, then place the beacons at the desired locations. There is no need to repeat this setup on everyone’s device. When you post a message for someone, the app on the recipient’s device will learn about the place where the message was posted.

One final detail -- to keep messages from clogging up your “inbox”, old messages are deleted after a few days, or you can delete them, as well as unused places, yourself.

Happy posting,

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